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De fã e poser, todo mundo tem um pouco

Universo paralelo da Poser de Madonna. Aqui, dona Stephanie Germano mostra exatamente o contrário da Poser: aqui ela é fã.

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According to both Madonnarama and DrownedMadonna (two very reliable websites), Natalia Kill’s recording sessions with Madonna are the less interesting for the album… Am I the only one who’s really surprised? I expected far more from her than Avicii and Diplo. Well, we’ll see. After all we have been told that MDNA was going to be as good as Like A Prayer…

Actually, a song that compares vaginal excretions to holy water is the most disgusting thing Madonna has ever come up with. For sure it didn’t come solely from her, she had to have help from someone else. As for the other two, they’re just plain boring, as if the record was spinning at 45rpm and it was recorded in 78.



As we all know Madonna is the biggest Marilyn Monroe wannabe that ever lived. When her fans are shown evidence of Madonna ripping of Marilyn Monroe they brush it off with excuses like “she was dressed up as her for Material Girl” yes thats true but what about all the other times Madonna was “dressed up” as her what was the excuse then?










Oh, wow, similar poses, she’s copying Marilyn.. ¬¬

EVERYTHING about Madonna’s new album

Saving this for later. It’s gonna be funny to compare to the final thing!



Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about the songs Madonna has recorded for her new album (due out this Fall).

Messiah : an incredible ballad with a lot of strings and spiritual lyrics. It could be the closing number on this record, as it seems to be the deepest track she has recorded for this album so far.

Living For Love : an incredible mid-tempo ballad with gospel parts. In this one, Madonna talks to the Lord. Ariel Rechtstaid (who worked previously with Charli XCX and other underground acts) collaborated on the track.

Unapologetic Bitch : a very powerful dance track in which she also criticizes her ex boyfriend, explaining that she wasn’t sexually satisfied with him. The music is a bit raggae oriented in this one. It is the most likely track to be released as lead single.

Rebel Heart : an uptempo track produced by Avicii. In this one, Madonna explains that she is a rebel and that she loves to go against the rules. 

Wash All Over Me : we don’t know a lot about its instrumental but the lyrics are sad and show that Madonna can be vulnerable too.

Joan Of Arc : a gorgeous guitar ballad that also shows Madonna’s hidden vulnerability.

Two Steps Behind : only a piano demo for now. It’s about the Madonna wannabes in the industry (but she doesn’t drop any name). 

Heartbreak City : a dance track about her breakup with Brahim, who -she says- took profit from their relationship. It’s one of her favorite tracks !

Love You (From Inside Out) : an incredible electro ballad with guitar and acoustic breaks. The electro parts are described as “slow dubstep”.

Bitch I’m Madonna : a crazy-sounding and very original track produced by Diplo.

Yet untitled : a song about partying with other celebrities. In this one, Madonna mentions Lady GaGa, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and many others. 


We can also add that Madonna worked on 11 songs with Avicii. He will be responsible for the most fun and upbeat songs on the album. However, she also worked on seven songs with Diplo, who was asked to produce “crazy uptempo stuff”, a bit more experimental than Avicii then.

We also know that Natalia Kills worked with Madonna on several tracks, especially on writing them. Her songwriting is quite dark so we can expect beautiful metaphors and all from this collaboration.

You must also know that some of these songs will include urban parts, as Madonna worked with Symbolic 1, an urban produced (most-known for his collaboration with Kanye West on Power). 

It also seems that Madonna has asked Mert Alas and Marcus to shoot the album cover. The session should be taking place in the next few weeks. Madonna seems to go for a softer image this era. The Barbie-cougar era is off even though the Queen still wants to appear as a sexy woman (and we want it too, cause she is one).

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